Article processing charges (APCs)

Proceedings of IAHS (PIAHS) is committed to the open-access model of publishing. This ensures free web access to the results of research and maximum visibility for published papers. However, it requires financing of the review process, typesetting, web publication, and long-term archiving. Since PIAHS publishes peer-reviewed papers from recent IAHS conferences and workshops, 6 pages are covered by the conference/workshop registration fee. If a paper exceeds 6 pages, each additional page will be charged €35 net. Special agreements for individual conferences are possible.

Price per additional page Description
€35 net LaTeX submissions using the Copernicus Publications LaTeX Package Word submissions using the Copernicus Publications Word Template
English language copy-editing: €10 net per page
APCs are levied for any pages included in the produced article's *.pdf file, including appendices, the reference list, acknowledgements, disclaimers, review statements, code and data availability statements, and other such information sections. The supplement, however, is free of charge since it is not part of the main article's *.pdf file.

What is included in the article processing charges?

  • all online tools for authors, editors, and reviewers;
  • professional processing of figures;
  • typesetting, editing, and formatting in PDFLaTex;
  • open-access publication of each article;
  • indexing in international scientific databases and reference services;
  • long-term archiving via Portico and CLOCKSS, as well as a number of national libraries.